UPCOMING: Sea-to-Sea Bike Tour

UPCOMING: Sea-to-Sea Bike Tour


Seamus + Duvine:
Italy Sea-To-Sea Chef On Wheels Bike Tour

July 20, 2017  •  By Seamus Mullen

I'm excited to announce that in October I'll be gearing up for another "Chef on Wheels Bike Tour" with my friends at Duvine! We're headed back to Italy, this time cycling from coast to coast through Central Italy. This region is one of my favorite places to ride and eat, boasting some of the most iconic landscapes anywhere, not to mention amazing local ingredients!

Check out the full tour details on Duvine's website. 

trip description 

Join Chef Seamus Mullen on a journey for the senses across the heart of Central Italy. Cycle east to west to touch both coasts of the Mediterranean, beginning by the Adriatic Sea and ending at the Ligurian Sea. Listen to herds of sheep bleating in the pastures of the Sibillini mountains and watch the morning fog roll across the valleys of Umbria. In gardens and kitchens across the region, Seamus will teach you to craft Italian dishes from the freshest local ingredients, including truffles from your very own hunt. Pedal through an array of landscapes, from mountain passes and deep forests to olive groves, vineyards, and the cobbled streets of tiny hilltowns. Each day will feature different local specialties like pecorino cheeses and tender roasted lamb or lentil soups, truffle pastas, wild boar, and Super Tuscan wines. Develop your appetite during each wonderful day of cycling on a culinary experience so rewarding you will never want it to end.