Check out my newest food hub: Whirlybird & Greens


Located in Gotham West Market

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It's been a few years of cooking this one up! I'm super excited to announce the birth of my newest brick and mortar location based in Manhattan, NYC: Whirly Bird & Greens

This fast casual restaurant embodies the principles of food that I live by: Clean protein, fresh and seasonal side plates and the highest standard of ingredients. Every little detail has been triple checked to create delicious, seasonal and nutritionally dense meals in a convenient and quick setting. Basically the answer to many health-conscious-New-Yorker's needs. 

Located in Gotham West Market among the best of the best, we deliver our unique offering 7 days a week. With an emphasis on pasture-raised rotisserie chicken, we still consider our vegan and vegetarian friends with a wide range of plant-based meals also available. Come one! Come all! Looking forward to feeding you more of the good stuff,