Real Food Heals
Seamus Mullen's books 'Hero Food' and 'Real Food Heals' for Paleo Diet Nutrition

NEW! Real Food Heals

125 Paleo-inspired, delicious recipes to revitalize your health every day

In the high-end food world, “healthy cooking” has long been taboo. But as one of the only high-profile chefs today guided by the understanding that the food we eat has a deep impact on our health, Seamus Mullen has rewritten the old rule that healthy can’t be delicious. Seamus’s powerful transformation came out of his own health crisis—after a near-death experience brought on by an autoimmune disease he’d struggled with for years, he radically changed the way he cooked, both at his restaurants and at home.

Seamus Mullen’s journey to wellness is inspiring, and he believes deeply that food can heal. But as a chef first, Seamus won’t eat anything that doesn’t taste delicious! This cookbook brings those passions together and is a must-have for your cookbook shelf. The recipes will excite you and forever change the way you cook

—Gwyneth Paltrow


Hero Food

130 healthy and tasty recipes that utilize 18 key ingredients to improve your well-being

Hero Food is Chef Seamus Mullen’s first cookbook. More than just a collection of 130 recipes, it is also an intimate portrait of his own journey with food, from his upbringing in rural Vermont to his formative years in Spain, to his present-day battle with rheumatoid arthritis, an auto-immune disease. Hero Food is Chef Mullen’s personal philosophy of well-being, illustrating how he believes delicious food and wellness can go hand in hand.

This gorgeous book proves without a doubt the point I’ve been making for years: Healthy food is delicious!

—Marion Nestle, Author of What to Eat

Unlike any ‘health’ cookbook, Hero Food is fundamentally culinary: the Tertulia chef cooks with an intuition for product and place—with a passion that comes from a creativity, and a body, renewed.

—Emily Bell, StarChefs